How do creative executives at top performing advertising agencies ensure their employees produce their best possible creative work?  What is their approach to understanding creativity and promoting this philosophy throughout the agency environment?

Many of the creative executives interviewed for this book have expressed their belief that the advertising industry is going through major changes and that consumers are more informed and engaged than ever before. They also say that the purpose of their agencies lies in developing relationships with consumers and in telling the truths about their clients’ products and services.

The agencies presented in the book say that a shift is occurring in which ad professionals are interested in making the advertising industry more honest, responsible and accountable. Most agree that creativity is key to achieving this broader goal.

The following bonus chapter contains the additional perspectives of two top executives:  Norm Shearer, Creative Director and partner of Cactus, Denver; and Alex Bogusky, Co-founder of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Download Bonus Content: Creative Executive Profiles (PDF 358KB)